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Formulation & Support

Product Formulation


60% of your child’s final height is achieved in the first five years. Is your child achieving his or her optimal growth (click here) and/or experiencing any of the following feeding difficulties?

Eat very little.
Accept/eat only a few types of food.
Refuse to try new foods.
Eat few fruits and vegetables.
Prolong mealtimes.
PediaSure® Complete & Balanced Nutritional Supplement is PROVEN for Catch-Up Growth and is also suitable for children who are physically active, needs a nutritious snack or who are lactose intolerant.
Complete, Balanced Complete,Balance

1 Kcal/1ml, 37 Nutrients, The Right Proportion of Macronutrients, Kid Approved Taste.

Triple Protein Complex Triple-Protein

Sustained Absorption of Amino Acids for Effective Utilization.

Lipid Blend With MCT Formulation-support-MCT

More Rapidly Absorbed and Quickly Metabolized for Energy.

Bone Building Nutrients Bone

Arginine, Ca, Vit D, Natural Vitamin K2 for Bone Health Growth


Formulation and Support

PediaSure® promotes catch-up growth of picky eaters in 60 days1, improves nutritional status of picky eaters in 90 days1 and reduces the number of sick days by 64%2.


The benefits of PediaSure® in children has been validated by more than 20 clinical studies published in 8 different peer-reviewed international medical journals. Today, it is the leading child nutrition supplement recommended by pediatricians in the US.

It is important that pediatric nutrition supplements for children (ages 1-10 years) be nutritionally complete and balanced. The product should efficiently provide high energy and nutrient intake per milliliter consumed.


PediaSure® fulfills these criteria by offering the right combination of nutrients (e.g. protein, carbohydrates, vitamin D, calcium and sodium) at their appropriate levels. In a study of underweight children, PediaSure® with FOS and good bacteria reduced the number of sick days by 64%, which lead to more learning days.



400g, 850g and 1.6kg (Vanilla only).
Flavour: Vanilla and Chocolate.
Product information is subject to change.
Please refer to the product label or packaging for the most current information.



1 Alarcon P et al. Pediatr.2003; 42: 209-217

2 Huynh DTT. et al. J Hum Diet: doi 10-1111/jhn. 12306